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Mitali Perkins

Dear Librarian:

As you know, novels can be windows into faraway places. But they also become mirrors when young readers resonate with a hero's struggles and epiphanies. The secret is a cast of characters who seem as real as their friends.

I sought to create these kinds of characters in BAMBOO PEOPLE. Chiko's terrified when he's forced to fight in the army. Tu Reh wants revenge after soldiers burn his home. What happens when they meet in the jungle?

I hope this novel opens a window into modern-day Burma while mirroring the power of courage and compassion. That's why I was thrilled when Publishers Weekly starred it as "a graceful exploration of the redemptive power of love, family, and friendship."

Enter a raffle to win one of 10 signed copies by emailing, and learn more at I hope you and the young readers you serve enjoy the book!

Mitali Perkins

Bamboo People / Mitali Perkins / Charlesbridge

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1580893282 / Published: July, 2010

Ages 11 - 14 / Middle-grade fiction

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