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Nancy Poydar

Dear Librarian:

Surely you see young patrons with favorite, well-worn toys in tow.

I once took a rubber doll everywhere. I recall its smell, and the sqwank when I twisted it into positions. She was "Rubber Doll." I loved her.

When my grandson visited with "Red Truck", I understood his connection to it.

This is the genesis of BUS DRIVER. I've added a dramatic beginning to Max's relationship with his toy, and a magical, though plausible, ending. In a nod to my affection for libraries, there is a story hour melt down.

Win an autographed BUS DRIVER. Contact me. Five winners will be chosen randomly.

I'm celebrating my 16th picture book. To thank you all, I'm glad to read it at established story hours in the Minuteman Library System. To take advantage of this free offer, contact me.

Nancy Poydar

Bus Driver / Nancy Poydar / Holiday House

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-0823424115 / Published: July, 2012

Ages 4-6 / Hardcover / Picture Book

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