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Gary D. Schmidt

Dear Librarian:

The war in Vietnam is raging, and it's not clear whether the United States will win or not. The race to the moon is raging, too, and it's not clear whether the United States will win or not. Protests against the war and for civil rights are shutting down whole cities, while political assassinations have become not uncommon.

And Doug Swieteck is moving to Marysville.

In the middle of a country torn apart, Doug comes to what may be a new life—but his family is also being torn apart. And that's not all: When he finds the most beautiful book he had ever imagined—John James Audubon's Birds of America—that's being torn apart, too.

Doug decides to put back together the one thing he has a chance to make whole: this beautiful book. If he can do this, maybe he can put back together the things he loves more than he knows.

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Gary Schmidt

Okay for Now / Gary D. Schmidt / Clarion

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0547152608 / Published: April, 2010

Ages 5-9 / Middle-grade fiction

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