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Erik Daniel Shein & Dennis M. Lowery

Dear Librarian:

I'll let a reader tell you about SERPENTAURIA: ARK OF EXTINCTION.

"This book is amazing, really. There are so many aspects of it to comment on, but the main way I can prove this book's worth to you is with this. My daughter wants us to read it over again although we just finished it! There are very few books she has wanted us to read again, heck most of the books we have read her she can't remember completely. Not here. The story of eleven year old Sara and her quest to not only save endangered animals, but restore life to animals man have hunted to extinction is very remember-able. The story is definitely a unique one. As I have said, we have probably read her hundreds of books and no story was even similar in plot. One exceptionally great thing about this book is how Sara (and even her parents) are good role models. It is sad but a lot of books really have main characters that are terrible to look up to." Adam

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Serpentauria / Erik Daniel Shein & Dennis M. Lowery / Escrire

Price: $10.95 / ISBN: 978-1937592066 / Published: December, 2011

Ages 8+ / YA Fiction/Fantasy

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