The Journal of Angela Ashby by Liana Gardner          
The Journal of Angela Ashby
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Liana Gardner
(Ages 9-12)

David J. Smith

Dear Librarians,

How big is Earth or the Solar System or the Milky Way?  How old is our planet and when did the first animals and people appear on it? Some things are so big and huge and old that it's hard to get our mind around them.  But what if we took these big, hard-to-imagine objects and events and compared them to things we can see, feel and touch?  Instantly, we'd see our world in a whole new way, as we did in my now bestselling IF THE WORLD WERE A VILLAGE that you have embraced (thank you). Well, scale is what IF is about — it scales down, or shrinks, huge events, spaces and times to something we can understand. And when we scale down some really huge things, some of the results are quite surprising. 

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David J. Smith
If / David J. Smith / Kids Can Press

Price: $18.95 / ISBN: 978-1894786348 / Published: September, 2014

Ages 8-12 / Hardcover / Picture book
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