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Joyce A. Stengel

Dear Librarian:


When I sat down to write about St. Patrick driving the very last snake from Ireland, Tulla mouse popped out from behind a mushroom and said, "I want to be in the story."

"Why?" I asked.

Tulla twitched her whiskers. "Well, for sure ye know snakes eat mice!" With that, she scampered onto my pages and into my heart.

Soon, Tulla and her brothers, Ryan and Brian, were caught up in an exciting, dangerous, suspenseful adventure. They delighted me with their bravery and success, as they did St. Patrick himself.

Librarians: Put on your mouse ears and join the kids for a reading of ST. PATRICK AND THE THREE BRAVE MICE. Follow with a presentation of the book's Readers Theatre Script, available in my Educator's Guide at Included are discussion topics and tie-ins to St. Patrick's Day.

And a big Hip! Hip! Hurray! for librarians!

Joyce A. Stengel

5 SIGNED BOOKS GIVEAWAY picked from random entries at Click on Contact Joyce. Enter by 1/31/10 and you'll have it in time for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick and the Three Brave Mice / Joyce A. Stengel / Pelican Publishing Company

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-1589806634 / Published: January, 2009

Ages 4-10 / Picture book

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