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Tanya Lee Stone

Dear Librarian:

No one does more for readers than you. I know it can be hard to get kids excited about nonfiction. That's why I've written ALMOST ASTRONAUTS in a way that prompted one librarian to say, "I want the movie!" It has gotten 3 starred reviews and is a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor.

ALMOST ASTRONAUTS is about 13 women who took all the same tests our first male astronauts did to answer one burning question—are women just as qualified as men to be astronauts?

The answer was YES. But NASA said NO. Think that's the end of the story? Not even close. I did tons of primary research, spent time with my subjects, uncovered unknown information—I even took flying lessons! To find out the whole scoop, check out ALMOST ASTRONAUTS—but beware—it contains some beloved American heroes behaving badly.

CONTEST: Enter to win a FREE autographed galley! Just email me at and tell me about a woman who has inspired you. I will select 5 random winners.

Tanya Lee Stone

Almost Astronauts / Tanya Lee Stone / Candlewick Press

Paperback Price: $17.99 / Paperback ISBN: 978-0763645021 / Published: February, 2009

Hardcover Price: $24.99 / Hardcover ISBN: 978-0763636111

Ages 10 and up / Nonfiction

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