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Travis Thrasher

Dear Librarian:

I grew up loving both the sweet and sentimental movies of John Hughes and the scary slasher flicks of the 80's. In some ways, The Solitary Tales is a celebration of both of those genres.

Chris Buckley is the narrator of this unpredictable teen supernatural series that does not contain vampires or werewolves. In the first book, Solitary, Chris fell in love with the wrong girl and ultimately could not save her from the darkness of the small town in North Carolina. GRAVESTONE picks up right where the story ended, with Chris trying to deal with the mysteries and the evil surrounding him.

The core of The Solitary Tales is about a young man figuring out his way in life. Chris is likable yet is also foolish and stubborn like many teenagers. We take the journey with him as he finds out why he's a unique link to this little town nobody pays any attention to.

I'm giving away six copies of GRAVESTONE picked from random entries. To enter, write me at or visit

Thanks for all the work you do to promote reading and the love of literature!

Travis Thrasher

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Gravestone / Travis Thrasher / David C Cook

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1434764195 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 13+ / YA

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