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Mike Wilks

Dear Librarian:

There's quite a lot of me in Mel, the hero of my book MIRRORSCAPE. Just like Mel I won a scholarship to art school when I was 13 years old. It was there that my eyes were opened to the wonders of art, something that has survived to this day. In the fantastical world of MIRRORSCAPE, the world inside paintings, I try to convey this sense of wonder through Mel's eyes as he experiences great beauty and battles terrifying foes.

Today I am an artist living in a converted Victorian pub in London, England. You can see many of my paintings and drawings at When I began MIRRORSCAPE I found that I could paint just as vividly with words as I could with my paintbrush. There are two more books, Mirrorstorm and Mirrorshade, coming soon to complete the trilogy. I hope you, and all readers, enjoy them.


Mirrorscape / Mike Wilks / EgmontUSA

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1606840085 / Published: October, 2009

Ages 12 and up / Young Adult Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

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