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Naomi Zucker

Dear Librarian:

CALLIE'S RULES is a book for kids who not only love books, but live in them. For Callie Jones that book is Jane Eyre. Time and again Callie asks herself, What would Jane Eyre do? Then she tries to do the same.

Callie has just started middle school, where everyone else seems to know the rules. She doesn't. So funny/sad, confident/doubtful, brash/timid, but most of all independent Callie sets out to write some rules of her own.

But Callie's not the only one writing new rules. When the town council proposes a rule banning Halloween—a holiday that Callie and her family have a unique, and much loved way of celebrating—Callie is forced to take a stand. And she learns that, in order to stand up for what she believes, like Jane, she might have to defy some rules.

Librarians, Media Specialists, Teachers: I'd be delighted to speak at your schools and libraries. Please check out my website,, for more information.

Naomi Zucker

Callie's Rules / Naomi Zucker / Egmont

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1606840276 / Published: August, 2009

Ages 8-12 / middle grade fiction

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