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Jessica Gregson

Dear Librarians,

From the first moment I encountered the true story on which THE ANGEL MAKERS is based, I knew it was something I wanted to write about. I was fascinated by the setting, the characters, but most of all the story itself, and the chance to explore what makes ordinary people do extraordinary (and in this case, extraordinaryly unpleasant) things.

Set in a small village on the Hungarian plain at the time of the First World War, THE ANGEL MAKERS tells the story of what happens when the men of the village go away to fight, leaving the women to fend for themselves— and more importantly, what happens when it's time for the men to return.

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Jessica Gregson
The Angel Makers / Jessica Gregson / Soho Press / Hardcover: 340 pages
Price: $24.00 / ISBN: 978-1569479797 / Published: December, 2011
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