The Myth of Perpetual Summer by Susan Crandall Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis      
The Myth of Perpetual Summer
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Susan Crandall
Rainy Day Friends
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Jill Shalvis

Suzanne Woods Fisher

Dear Reader,

If you had to do it all over again, what major life decision would you do differently?

That's where our story begins in THE SEARCH. Lainey O'Toole made a choice and has returned to Stoney Ridge, years later, to find out how that decision played out.

Bess Riehl is also in Stoney Ridge this summer. She's been sent there on a mission of mercy to her grandmother, Bertha Riehl.

Bertha has held Lainey's secret for too long. It's time, she determines, that the story is brought to light. But even she never expects the startling discovery that unfolds in this summer of reckoning.

THE SEARCH is a story of God's redeeming work. My hope is you will see yourself in Lainey, and think about those big decisions in your own life. Nothing is beyond God's ability to bring good out of a situation. Nothing!

Suzanne Woods Fisher