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Worth Killing For
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Jane Haseldine
Blood and Oil
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Minerva Taylor
The Silent Woman
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Terry Lynn Thomas

Patricia Gussin

Dear Reader,

One surgeon. One infectious disease specialist. Two bioterrorism attacks. The first case of AIDS in Tampa coincides with an outbreak of a rampant, lethal staph infection. Are they related? And is there a connection to a deadly plot underway in Atlanta as a covert white supremacist cell plans an unthinkable attack on a massive scale. Dr. Laura Nelson, chief of surgery in Tampa, and Dr. Stacy Jones, of the CDC in Atlanta, join forces to create one serendipitous opportunity to save thousands of lives.

"Relentless suspense and pitch-perfect medical details make WEAPON OF CHOICE a knockout, a truly infectious thriller you won't want to put down." Tess Gerritsen

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Patricia Gussin