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Worth Killing For
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Blood and Oil
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Minerva Taylor
The Silent Woman
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Terry Lynn Thomas

Deborah McKinlay

Dear Reader,

THE VIEW FROM HERE tackles several big themes. Love, betrayal and the consequences of past sins are among them, but at its core is the idea that any ordinary woman can find herself in extraordinary circumstances.

The Severance family and their friends—rich, glamorous and energetically decadent—are vacationing in Mexico in 1976 when Frances, a young woman eking out a living teaching English, meets them and is invited to stay in their mansion on a private beach. Two decades later, in rural England, Frances's life begins to unravel when she discovers her husband's infidelity and is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Confronting these obstacles, she is haunted by her long-buried memories of life in the Severance's charmed circle and her role in an illicit, and tragic, romance.

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Best wishes,
Deborah McKinlay