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Lush: A Memoir
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Kerry Cohen
Disorderly Conduct
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Mary Feliz
Gilded Summers
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Donna Russo Morin

Tara Taylor Quinn

Dear Reader,

It's ground breaking. That's what my editor said to me when she first read IT HAPPENED ON MAPLE STREET. And I guess it is. It's also my life.

I'm a romance writer. I've published fifty-five romance and women's fiction titles with Harlequin and MIRA books with more yet to come. I believe in what I write – in hope and a love that is strong enough to heal even the most atrocious hurts. I believe because I know, first hand, about that kind of love.

IT HAPPENED ON MAPLE STREET is a romance. But it's real. It's the story of a young woman who never dated and then fell deeply irrevocably in love. And of a young man who loved so much it hurt. It's a tragic story. And yet, ultimately, the most beautiful story.

IT HAPPENED ON MAPLE STREET is my story. Please share in it with me.

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