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Inked Nights
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Carrie Ann Ryan

Laura Childs

Dear Librarians,

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is in full swing when the King Neptune float explodes, sending a plume of glitter into the night sky and killing a hedge fund bigwig. Scrapbook maven Carmela and her BFF Ava have front row seats to this mayhem — and get pulled in when Carmela's ex, Shamus, becomes a key suspect. Running her own shadow investigation, Carmela tries to clear Shamus while dodging the watchful eye of her fiancée Detective Edgar Babcock. Haunted cemeteries, fashion show, sports car rally, and hungry alligators round out the humor and mischief.

New Orleans has become a top go-to spot for visitors and readers will appreciate the descriptions and landmarks in Glitter Bomb!

Laura Childs
Glitter Bomb / Laura Childs / Berkley / Hardcover

Price: $26.00 / ISBN: 978-0451489548 / Published: October, 2018
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