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Mark Coggins

Dear Librarian,

Every little girl knows you shouldn't take candy from strangers. It's the big girls who have a problem with the rule. Big girls with webcams and screen names and wish lists.

In my new book, CANDY FROM STRANGERS, jazz bass-playing PI August Riordan is hired to find a "cam girl" who's gone missing after setting up a website to solicit cash donations and gifts from anonymous admirers.

Visit to find out more, read an excerpt, view photographs of real locations from the book and get a reading group guide.

I am available in person or by phone for library events. Email me through my website.

Yours in books,

"It's original, it's smart and it was good to the last page." -Michael Connelly

"This third outing for Coggins's private investigator August Riordan proves him a worthy successor to the iconic Sam Spade... [A] volume that fits comfortably alongside those of Hammett and Chandler. Heartily recommended for all public libraries." -Library Journal

Candy From Strangers / Mark Coggins / Bleak House Books / Hardcover; 307 Pages

Price: $23.95 / ISBN: 1932557164 / Published: October, 2006
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