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Visions of Flesh and Blood
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Jennifer L. Armentrout & Rayvn Salvador

Sabrina Jeffries

Dear Librarians,

On sale this week, A LADY NEVER SURRENDERS is the fifth and final novel in my Hellions of Halstead Hall series. At long last, readers will learn the secrets surrounding the mysterious deaths of the five hellions' parents.

Although always leery of marriage, Lady Celia has only two months to wed or her grandmother will disinherit Celia and her four siblings. Convinced that merely getting betrothed to a wealthy, high-ranking man will satisfy her grandmother, Celia hires compelling Bow Street Runner Jackson Pinter to investigate her potential fianc├ęs. However, the last thing he wants is to help her find a husband, for Pinter intends to claim Celia for himself.

Five who email their name and their library's postal address to, and mention A LADY NEVER SURRENDERS in the subject line, will win the first four books in this series.

Sabrina Jeffries
A Lady Never Surrenders / Sabrina Jeffries / Pocket Star / Paperback; 416 Pages
Price: $7.99 / ISBN: 978-1451642452 / Published: January, 2012
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