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Taking the Leap
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The Valley of Shadows
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Rudy Ruiz

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Dear Reader,

I cannot believe THE WAR OF TWO QUEENS is finally here. Though it's only been two years since FROM BLOOD AND ASH was first released in April of 2020, I had this book in my head long before I even finished book one. And many of the big scenes in TWOTQ were written during the second book in the Blood and Ash series - pivotal moments for Poppy and others that I knew, even back then, would eventually make it to the page. It was definitely an amazing feeling finally seeing some of what I'd always planned come together.

Poppy was the Maiden - the Chosen. A bargaining tool. A friend and then a lover. A wife. The Queen. A god. And now, you will see her become something very, very different.

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