From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout        
From Blood and Ash
Meet the author
Jennifer Armentrout

Steve Berry & M.J. Rose

Dear Reader,

Both M.J and I have been fascinated with the Cathar religion for a long time. It once existed all across southern France, challenging Rome and attracting the faithful. Eventually, in 1208, the Pope declared the Cathars heretics and ordered a crusade — the first where Christians killed Christians — and tens of thousands were slaughtered, the Cathars all but exterminated.

For my recurring heroine, Cassiopeia Vitt, her lifelong passion has been the building of an authentic French castle, using only materials and techniques from the 13th century. But when an ancient Book of Hours is unearthed at the site — whose pages hold the key to the hiding place of the most precious object the Cathars ever possessed — everything changes. And when more than one person becomes interested in that secret — in particular a thief and a billionaire — the hunt is on.

Through the medieval streets of the walled-city of Carcassonne, up the slopes to the crest of mysterious Montségur, then down into a forgotten cavern beneath the Pyrenees, Cassiopeia is drawn deeper and deeper into a civil war between two people obsessed with revenge and murder.

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Steve Berry