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Alisa Bowman

Dear Reader,

I once worried that my friends and family would think I was weak, pathetic, or mentally unbalanced if they knew that I no longer wished to have sex with my husband, that I practiced daily acts of marital sabotage (washing my clothes and not his, hiding the remote, forgetting to tell him that his mother called), or that I took my mind off my misery by planning his funeral.

A friend suggested marital counseling but, as one of the country's most successful ghostwriters of self help books, I choose a different strategy. I read 12 marital improvement books, perused the Internet, and interviewed happily married friends.

Four months later, we renewed our vows.

I wrote PROJECT: HAPPILY EVER AFTER to tell that story. I wrote it for everyone who is—right now—in that scary place I was before my project: feeling alone, scared, unbalanced, and hopeless. I wrote it to start a conversation about the aspects of marriage and relationships that no one talks about.

People say that it's a "good read" "delightfully funny" and "worthy of a thriller." You can be the judge of that.

If you'd like enter to win one of 5 free copies of PROJECT: HAPPILY EVER AFTER, please email me at and tell me what makes you feel alone in your marriage or relationship.

And if you'd like to enter to win a host of prizes—ranging from a Kindle to free stays at B&Bs to vouchers for marriage counseling—visit

Alisa Bowman