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Michael Phillip Cash

Dear Reader,

You can be the winner of one of five copies of THE AFTER HOUSE, my newest novel. This is what some of the critic's have to say:

Cash delivers another emotionally rich haunted-house tale, filled with tantalizing history and Long Island color...the story is often quite funny...the supernatural and romantic elements seesaw back and forth nicely, and the historical scenes enliven both aspects...A charming, uplifting paranormal romance." —Kirkus Review

"The author has a captivating writing style that grabs the most pertinent details for use in painting a scene...he uses a clear, crisp voice that is easy to read...THE AFTER HOUSE is an enjoyable story that draws equally from a rich sense of history and the author's ability to create engaging, lifelike characters. It is recommended for anyone interested in a reimagining of the classic haunted house." —Foreword Reviews

A delightful mix of suspense, romance, with a dash of humor, THE AFTER HOUSE is a perfect companion for a snowy afternoon during this winter season.

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Michael Phillip Cash