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Lexi Blake

Herbert J. Cooke, Jr.

Dear Reader,

My novel RAINFALL AND BULLETS is about three men in La Ceiba, Honduras, who are forced to encounter life and death predicaments.

Armando is a taxi driver who uncharacteristically commits a robbery to finance his wife's medical procedure to save her life. Santiago is a conflicted henchman, returning home after years of guilt to make amends with his family for killing his father. James is a U.S. Army Sergeant on temporary duty, risking demotion to spend the night with the local woman he loves.

They have never met but their paths cross and they discover that their situations are somehow connected. They must learn to co-exist if they expect to survive the pursuit of a crime boss's relentless henchmen and the crooked narcotics detective that are after them. Decisions will be made and consequences suffered.

I sincerely hope that you read the book! If you have a chance, please visit my website at Please feel free to contact me at and I promise to reply!

Thank you!
Herbert Cooke