These Things Happen By Michael Eon        
These Things Happen
Meet the author
Michael Eon

Amber Dermont

Dear Reader,

When I was young, you could either find me out on the water or curled up alone reading a book. I loved stories about the sea and was especially fascinated by the power of hurricanes. The storm at the center of my novel, THE STARBOARD SEA forever changes the life of Jason Prosper, a young man who seems to lose those closest to him. THE STARBOARD SEA, is inspired by the beauty and thrill of sailing but I also hope it captures the fierce joy of being young, the dangers of unchecked privilege and the mysteries of the human heart.

St. Martin's is delighted to be giving away ten signed copies of THE STARBOARD SEA. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please write to me and let me know at

Best wishes,