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Defense of an Other
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Louisa Edwards

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Rising Star Chef competition, where today's hottest chefs vie for fame, fortune... and each other's hearts. If you loved the kitchen crew in my Recipe for Love series, you'll swoon for my new Rising Star Chef series!

In book one of the trilogy, TOO HOT TO TOUCH, Max Lunden takes a break from traveling the world to help his family get ready for the biggest biggest challenge they've ever faced. But executive chef Jules Cavanaugh doesn't want his help with the team—she just wants him.

"An exquisitely prepared romance seasoned with scorching hot love scenes..."—NYT bestselling author Kresley Cole about Can't Stand the Heat.

Get to know the characters. Email to be entered into a drawing for a set of Romance Trading Cards featuring the faces (and a few secrets) of the Rising Star Chefs.

Happy reading,
Louisa Edwards