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Rex Ghosh

Dear Reader,

NINETEENTH STREET NW is the tale of Sophia Gemaye—a freedom fighter trying to bring attention to the abuses in her country by engineering a global financial crash, and of Celine O'Rourke, an embittered Washington economist who must stop her. As financial markets crumble, and the lives of key finance ministers hang in the balance, both women will learn the price of love—and the cost of betrayal.

The New York Times writes that NINETEENTH STREET NW "is creating a buzz;"and Simon Johnson, MIT Professor, calls it "a profound critique of the global economic system, concealed within a gripping thriller."

At you can learn about crises that feature in the book, and that have affected so many of us, watch my interviews on Fox Business and other shows, and enter to win the weekly giveaway of a dedicated copy.

Best wishes
Rex Ghosh