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Heather Graham

Dear Reader,

HALLOW BE THE HAUNT brings back original Krewe member Jake Mallory along with Ashley Donegal — of Donegal Plantation (and Jackson Crow, field head for the Krewe!).  But, Ashley and Jake have decided to make it all legal. They never really thought about being anything but a couple, yet, in realizing they want a family, they're thinking marriage and a wedding.

Where else could they be married other than Ashley's family home, Donegal Plantation? The plantation house welcomes visitors to learn history as a bed and breakfast and — at Halloween — a haunted attraction. Coming home in October to make the last-minute plans for a November wedding may not have been such a great idea. Especially when the plantation is decked out in full Halloween regalia — and costumed killers are suddenly prowling the streets of New Orleans and throughout the neighboring countryside.

I hope that you'll enjoy this novella... and that it does contain lots of chills and thrills and mysteries for you.

Please write to for a chance to win one of five copies.

Heather Graham