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Kathleen Hill

Dear Reader,

Have you ever found that a memory is all bound up with a novel you were reading at the time? That's how it was for me when I remembered a seventh grade music class and a boy whose life would soon be interrupted by tragedy. My memoir is about moments like these when novels were so mixed up with "real life" I could scarcely separate them. Maybe you, a reader, have memories like these yourself. 

SHE READ TO US IN THE LATE AFTERNOONS: A LIFE IN NOVELS was awarded the 2017 Silver Nautilus Award. 
"Spellbinding.... Hill writes with great elegance, clarity, and soul." The Paris Review
"Eloquent and searching, Hill's book explores the strange and wondrous resonances between the read and lived while celebrating reading itself as among the most profoundly transformative of human acts." Kirkus Review

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Kathleen Hill