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David Knighton, M.D.

Dear Reader,

Life is full of wounds — physical, emotional, and spiritual. In my new book, THE WISDOM OF THE HEALING WOUND: A NEW VIEW ON WHY WE HURT & HOW WE CAN CURE EVEN THE DEEPEST PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, I show how many of the normal things we do to stay healthy — such as exercising — are forms of wounding ourselves and then healing.

One reason I wrote my book is to help people see that the wounded psyche and spirit heal in much the same manner as physical wounds. Another is to share dozens of techniques that can enable supposedly unhealable wounds to finally heal—whether they're physical, emotional, or spiritual.

If you have a story of an "unhealable" wound of any kind that ultimately healed, please send it to Kim Weiss at my publisher, Health Communications, I'll pick the five most moving and fascinating stories, and I'll send each author a free autographed copy of THE WISDOM OF THE HEALING WOUND.

David Knighton, M.D.