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The Daredevil
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Dylan Allen
The Ballad of Laurel Springs
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Janet Beard

Doug Lyle

Dear Reader,

I grew up in the South where storytelling is a tradition. In fact, if you can't tell a story they won't feed you. Even simple dinner table stories have plots, subplots, settings, themes, and dialogue, the things that make a good yarn.

For the past 30 years I have practiced medicine in the field of cardiology. It has been a time of incredible technological progress. Medical technology and its uses and abuses have always been of interest to me and it is this that led to the writing of HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL.

Every story begins with a What If? What if this happened? What if that person was placed in this situation? What would this character do to resolve this mystery? For HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL the What If? would be: What if a forensic and criminal behavior expert is confronted with a series of murders that appeared to have been perpetrated by a killer with not only medical expertise but also the latest technology?

These are the questions that Dub Walker, in this the second novel in this medical thriller series, must unravel.