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Taking the Leap
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The Valley of Shadows
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Rudy Ruiz

Julie Maloney

Dear Reader,

When eight-year-old Vinni Stewart goes missing from a New Jersey shore town, her mother Maddy becomes the one left behind. When her NYC neighbor, a noted artist, coaxes Maddy to paint, she reconnects to her passion and earns international recognition. Intrigue follows Maddy to Brooklyn where she stumbles on something she shouldn't have as she searches for her daughter.

After a chance viewing of a sketch by Kaethe Kollwitz at the Morgan Library in NYC, I embarked on a research trip to Cologne, Germany. There, I visited the Kollwitz Museum, and chose Kollwitz as my muse. She inspired me throughout the writing of this debut novel. 

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Thank you for your interest!
Julie Maloney