These Things Happen By Michael Eon        
These Things Happen
Meet the author
Michael Eon

Susan McBride

Dear Reader,

Nothing is as magical as a little black dress.

What if you glimpsed your future and your life was forever changed? And what if you weren't the only one who could view that fate? In LITTLE BLACK DRESS, two very different sisters, Evie and Anna, keep a secret that tears them—and their family—apart, a secret involving a magical black dress that shows each woman her destiny and turns their once-quiet world upside-down.

"LITTLE BLACK DRESS is a lovely and entertaining journey into the magical side of things."—Sarah Addison Allen, THE PEACH KEEPER

"I'll read anything by Susan McBride."—Charlaine Harris, DEAD RECKONING

"An enchanting escape into a magical and wonderful world."—MJ Rose, THE HYPNOTIST

"I'm madly in love with this full-of-surprises story...One of my favorite novels of the year." –Melissa Senate, THE LOVE GODDESS' COOKING SCHOOL

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