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Jim Nichols

Dear Reader,

Troy Hull is in big financial trouble because of poor fishing, a new-boat mortgage and skyrocketing taxes. Just when things are at their worst, his old outlaw pal Bill Polky shows up to tempt him with visions of easy money, and as spring blooms in Midcoast Maine, Troy must decide whether to follow Polky's crooked path to solvency or let the straight and narrow take him from his beloved home forever. Shy Niki Harjula, another former classmate, knows exactly what he should choose. But pushing too hard might ruin their new and unexpected romance. HULL CREEK is a tale of temptation, redemption and pure hearts in turmoil.

If you'd care for a chance at one of five signed copies of HULL CREEK, please send an email to Winners will be chosen randomly.

Best wishes, and thanks for reading!

Jim Nichols

Praise for HULL CREEK:

"Nichols does a persuasive job of portraying a town and lifestyle in flux...the real deal." - Publisher's Weekly

"Jim Nichols manages to infuse Troy's tale with a healthy dose of humor. The story, the characters, and the conversations they have feel real. And if HULL CREEK doesn't have a storybook ending, well so much the better. It's a realistic ending, bittersweet perhaps, but Troy finds a way to keep his dignity, keep fishing, and build an even more fulfilling life for himself..." - Linc Bedrosian, National Fisherman

"I felt so at home with the people of Jim Nichols's HULL CREEK that when the pages came flapping nearer to the end I cussed the author for not making a thousand more. HULL CREEK is the real world: desperate times, heavy-duty hearts." - Carolyn Chute