The Consequence of Falling by Claire Contreras Dragon Night by Donna Grant River of Secrets by Roger Johns    
The Consequence of Falling
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Claire Contreras
Dragon Night
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Donna Grant
River of Secrets
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Roger Johns

Ilie Ruby

Dear Reader,

What would you do if the mother you loved gave you a life of homelessness hidden behind a veil of magical stories? For sisters Ruthie and Dolly, the only way to cope is with their own creative myths. When they run wild at night, Ruthie meets a mysterious man who walks out of the sea, promising love.

In THE SALT GOD'S DAUGHTER the line between myth and reality blurs when years later Ruthie's daughter is born with one webbed foot. Is blood thicker than water? In this feminist version of the selkie myth, no one is who or what they seem. 

I'm giving away five books. Write for a chance to win!

Thank you,
Ilie Ruby