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Crush the King
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Something Just Like This
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Jennifer Probst

Noelle Sterne

Dear Reader,

Have you given up on a secret dream?

Do you know you have something to contribute but can't name it?

In TRUST YOUR LIFE, I help you let go of regrets and reach lifelong yearnings, whatever your age, circumstances, or the size of your waistline.

You'll learn to use three universal principles:
  • There are no mistakes.
  • You can reframe your past.
  • The outer reflects the inner.
With TRUST YOUR LIFE, you can reach your God-planted dreams!

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"Noelle Sterne has written a spiritually practical, sharp, and exciting guide to setting free your inner voice and your dreams." —Tama Kieves, Author, Speaker, Life Coach

"A must -have for anyone who wants to live life fully. I loved it from beginning to end." —Mary A. Fischer, Journalist, Author

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