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The Consequence of Falling
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Velez-Mitchell and Sandra Mohr

Dear Reader,


Don't be alarmed. Most Americans are being lured into addiction. And what we're hooked on isn't necessarily illegal or even hard to come by. Whether its prescription drugs, fast food, the internet, sex, gambling, consumerism, celebrity, even procreation or crime, we're being seduced by corporations, government and the media into self-destructive behavior on a mass scale.

It's time to take our power back!

In my new book, I ask, do you really want to be a slave, existing just to make someone else rich and powerful? If the answer is no, then read on. ADDICT NATION is our blueprint for change, but first we must see what is really going on. This is an intervention!

If reading this note hits a chord with you, write my publicist at: to receive one of 5 free copies of my book.

Passionately yours,
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Host of HLN's Issues