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Sandra Alonzo

Dear Librarian:

The unique journal format, underlying humor, handwriting-style font, and cartoon-like drawings, make RIDING INVISIBLE an exciting coming of age adventure for teens. When fifteen year old Yancy Aparicio's horse, Shy, is attacked by his violent older brother, he heads into the California desert on horseback, leaving behind Christi, girl of his dreams. On day five, after many harrowing experiences, Yancy manages to meet Tavo, a Mexican immigrant, who provides a horse ranch where Yancy finds work. It is through Tavo's sensitive guidance that the teen begins to work toward an understanding of himself, his parents, and his future.

In his journal, Yancy writes: "It's huge, this art of surviving."

Hyperion is delighted to support RIDING INVISIBLE from Sandra Alonzo now available wherever books are sold. Enter to win by emailing (write "KidsBuzz Riding Invisible" in the subject line).

Sandra Alonzo

"Alonzo skillfully handles teetering family dynamics, equestrian details, and the undertones of immigration and class, which add realistic depth. The resolution leaves a bevy of challenges and plenty of food for thought about family dysfunction." -Booklist

Riding Invisible / Sandra Alonzo / Hyperion

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1423118985 / Published: March, 2010

Ages 12 & up/ YA

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