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Sandra Alonzo

Dear Reader:

Running away is pretty scary, but what if you're doing it on horseback?

Miles from home, broke, exhausted and desperate, fifteen year old Yancy wonders if he and his horse, Shy, are going to survive. They can't turn around and head for home. Will, Yancy's highly disturbed brother is there, and Will has already harmed Shy twice.

RIDING INVISIBLE is Yancy's journal. In it, he draws character sketches and comic panels, documents his adventures and fears, and writes about Christi, girl of his dreams.

"DAY FIVE—morning—near the tracks

I'm still alive. I now measure my success in terms of survival."

This is the day Yancy is forced to take a chance. He pulls a crumpled paper out of his pocket, and dials the number of a stranger. It's his only choice. He can't do this on his own. Yancy has a horse to feed.

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Sandra Alonzo

Riding Invisible / Sandra Alonzo / Hyperion

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1423118985 / Published: March, 2010

Ages 12 & up/ YA

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