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The Journal of Angela Ashby
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Liana Gardner
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Mark Cheverton

Dear Librarians,

You know what I love to MINECRAFT with my son. But the day when he was cyber bullied on his own server changed everything for me.

That's when I wrote my first Minecraft novel, INVASION OF THE OVERWORLD. I wanted to teach my son something about bullying, while at the same time send a message to cyber bullies. I chose to use the tapestry of Minecraft on which to paint this lesson, something that has gotten the attention of kids all over the world.

Now, the Gameknight999 series has become a New York Times Bestseller and is being published in 11 countries in 7 languages...what a surprise!

But the bigger surprise is that these Minecraft books are GETTING KIDS TO READ as well as write their own stories! I get emails from kids telling me how they love to read again, and get story submissions on my website,, showing the incredible creativity of these kids.

My Minecraft novels have waiting lists in libraries all over the country...come join the adventure.

Mark Cheverton
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Invasion of the Overworld / Mark Cheverton / Sky Pony Press

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1632207111 / Published: August, 2014

Ages 8+ / Middle Grade Fiction
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