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Liana Gardner

Dear Librarians,

The idea for 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION came from an article I read about a classroom module on the Revolutionary War where the teachers brought the 7th Grade in, told them there had been a bloodless war, the 7th Grade were the victors, and they had to come up with the policies and schedule to run the school. As a learning experience it fascinated me, so I reached out to the school who gave me access to their Twitter stream, as well as additional comments by students and parents. My only thought at the time was, "What if what started off as a classroom experience somehow turned real?"

As a kid, I loved reading stories of secret passageways and tunnels and I wanted to infuse that sense of adventure into the book. The result? A blend of the classroom experience, nuggets of history dripped throughout, and an adventure where kids get to be the heroes. A story to appeal to both boys and girls, and, if somewhat fantastical, a flat-out fun read.

Exclusive Contest: I am having a contest with a grand prize of a signed copy of 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION and a runner-up prize of a deck of 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION themed playing cards. To enter, visit or Email for a chance to win.

Happy Reading!
Liana Gardner

7th Grade Revolution / Liana Gardner / Vesuvian Books

Price: $12.99 / ISBN: 978-1944109462 / Published: October, 2017

Ages: 9-12 / Middle Grade Fiction
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