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Robie H. Harris

Dear Librarians,

Thank you so much for supporting my books for young children over the years — books such as WHO'S IN MY FAMILY? WHEN LIONS ROAR, GOODBYE MOUSIE, and most recently CRASH! BOOM! I am very excited about my newest book, my very first board book WHO? A CELEBRATION OF BABIES — a book about the people, pets, even a bird who flies by, and other objects babies love the most. This book also celebrates all kinds of babies.

When illustrator Natascha Rosenberg drew the first baby for this book, I knew that the rest of the babies she would create would captivate babies and toddlers and draw them into the sounds and images of our book. The first baby she drew became the baby who is now on the book's cover.

When sharing WHO? with infants and toddlers, my hope is that the adult will enjoy the "oohhs" and "aahhs" babies and toddlers may make, and the pointing and patting and, at end, even when the baby or toddler might hug this book. Words and images of babies do invite infants or young children to respond and engage. This is early literacy in the making and helps to create a love of language, art, and books for years to come.

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Robie H. Harris

P.S. Stay tuned! My second board book, LOOK! BABIES HEAD TO TOE, will be published in fall 2019.

"Harris is best known for her matter-of-fact and accurate nonfiction (It's Perfectly Normal, 1994; Who Has What!, 2011; etc.). Her first board book is equally positive, direct, and charming. The message that they are "SWEET BABIES! NICE BABIES!" is one that many babies will want to hear again and again." —Kirkus Reviews
Who?: A Celebration of Babies / Robie H. Harris / Abrams/Appleseed

Price: $7.99 / ISBN: 978-1419728341 / Published: June, 2018

Ages 0-3 / Board book
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