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Kara LaReau

Dear Librarian:

You know those young readers in your library obsessed with books about one subject? The ones that come to the circulation desk with their arms full of books about superheroes. Princesses. Cars.

Otto is one of those kids. In my new book with Ugly Fish author Kara LaReau, OTTO: THE BOY WHO LOVED CARS, Otto lives, breathes and even eats cars (his favorite cereal is called Wheelies). In fact, so focused is he on cars that one morning he wakes up, exhausted, to find that he's somehow become a car—and his life goes totally off-track. How can he talk when he can only honk or rev his engine? How will he eat? How will he play with his friends? Will he ever be a kid again?

This story of one boy's obsessive drive has fueled my own passion for drawing. So, what drives you? Email me at and let me know what revs your engine. I'll pick the best entry and the winner will receive an author and illustrator Otto-graphed copy of OTTO: THE BOY WHO LOVED CARS.

See you at the starting line,

Otto: The Boy Who Loved Cars / Kara LaReau (Scott Magoon, illustrator) / Macmillan

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1596434844 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 26 / Picture book

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