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Kara LaReau

Dear Reader:

OTTO: THE BOY WHO LOVED CARS, my latest picture book with illustrator Scott Magoon, is the story of what happens to a boy who loves one thing a little too much. It wasn't too hard for me to write, considering my husband is a car fanatic — though he's a bit less fanatical than Otto!

Being married to someone with such a passion has encouraged me to pursue the things I really love, including writing. Of course, we have plenty of other interests: my husband also loves music, design, and restoring our old house, and I love cooking, movies, antiques, and watching my husband restore our old house (ha ha). I hope Otto's story will show kids (of all ages) how important it is to live a balanced life filled with varied interests and passions. As Otto's mother says, "Everyone has to switch gears sometime."

So, what interests you — what revs your engine? For a chance to win a signed copy of OTTO, email me at and let me know!

Yours truly,
Kara LaReau

Otto: The Boy Who Loved Cars / Kara LaReau (Scott Magoon, illustrator) / Macmillan

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1596434844 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 26 / Picture book

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