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Stacy McAnulty

Dear Librarians,

I want a dinosaur. Unfortunately, they've been extinct for sixty-five million years. To fill that dino-shaped hole in my heart, I wrote the chapter book series The Dino Files.

In IT'S NOT A DINOSAUR!, nine-year-old Frank Mudd is living my dream. He's raising Peanut, a baby dino. But Peanut might not be the only prehistoric reptile living nearby. Rumors of a Nothosaurus in the river send Frank and his cousin searching. But is the Notho dangerous? There's only one way to know for sure: find that dinosaur!

"There will always be kids fascinated by dinosaurs, and this is just the series for them." —Booklist

Want a free dinosaur? Sorry, they're extinct. Want a signed copy of Too Big To Hide!? Email for a chance to win.

I love to talk about my books (and dinosaurs!) with kids. See my website for more information.

It's Not a Dinosaur! / Stacy McAnulty / Random House Books for Young Readers

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 0553521977 / Published: October, 2016

Ages 6-10 / Chapter Book
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