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Gregory Mone

Dear Librarian:

I'm tempted to greet you with an emphatic "argghhh," but the pirates in FISH don't speak that way. They're a bit more articulate, and odd.

The story, written under strict orders from my nieces and nephews, is packed with adventures and centered around a brain-teasing treasure hunt. As a reader, though, I've always been drawn to characters first, so I worked for years to come up with a unique crew of rogues, including a gourmand (based on my mechanic), a gargantuan scholar, a songwriter, some delightfully nasty villains, and Fish himself, a boy who loves to swim and hates to fight.

I've seen how boys (yes, they read!) and girls are responding to FISH, and I'd love to visit more libraries or hear what you think of the book. Email me - for a chance to win a signed copy or to discuss a visit.

And happy summer reading!

"Immensely fun...perfect for young readers" Cory Doctorow,

Fish / Gregory Mone / Scholastic Press

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0545116329 / Published: June, 2010

Ages 9 & up / Hardcover / Middle-grade Fiction

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