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Jean Reidy

Dear Librarian:

I'm so excited to introduce you to my first picture book, TOO PURPLEY!

Any four-year-old fashionista or two-year-old nudist will tell you that kids are super sensitive and highly allergic to articles of clothing picked out for them by a parent. While many picture books focus on "getting dressed," TOO PURPLEY! focuses on physical and visual comfort, which for my own kids trumped style, sophistication and even cleanliness.

With its simple rhythm, TOO PURPLEY! also hints at a child's comfort with the familiar providing a gentle reminder to parents that clothing battles should sometimes be surrendered.

I love libraries. So to thank you for providing me and my family with years of great reading. Please visit me at where you'll find a fun and fabulous Teacher's Guide as well as information on my upcoming books and author visits.

Always stay comfy!

Contest: What's your favorite—or least favorite item of clothing? Send me an email letting me know and you could win a signed copy of TOO PURPLEY! Email, subject line "Kidsbuzz Fashionista DearReader/Librarian."

Too Purpley! / Jean Reidy (author); Genevieve Leloup (illustrator) / Bloomsbury

Price: $11.99 / ISBN: 978-1599903071 / Published: January, 2010

Ages 3-5 / Hardcover / Picture book

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