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Jean Reidy

Dear Reader:

When my niece Sarah was little (Sarah is on my dedication page) she complained that all the clothes in her closet were either too itchy or too tickly or too purpley or too prickly. Sarah's mom didn't think it was so funny. But I thought it was hilarious and decided to write a book about it.

TOO PURPLEY! is for any kid who's been tortured by too-tight turtlenecks, scratchy tags, or blinding designs. I'm a comfy dresser myself. I have a pair of pink striped pajama pants that I love to wear especially when I'm writing. But I get funny looks when I wear them to the grocery store. So, I guess TOO PURPLEY! is for all of us.

Always stay comfy!

Contest: What's your favorite—or least favorite item of clothing? Send me an email letting me know and you could win a signed copy of TOO PURPLEY! Email, subject line "Kidsbuzz Fashionista - DearReader."

Too Purpley! / Jean Reidy (author); Genevieve Leloup (illustrator) / Bloomsbury

Price: $11.99 / ISBN: 978-1599903071 / Published: January, 2010

Ages 3-5 / Hardcover / Picture book

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