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Simon Basher

Dear Reader:

So there I was, a young kid in my science classroom at school. I remember looking around the classroom and being intrigued with the science equipment and the ideas I was reading about but I just couldn't quite grasp it. Then I saw a poster on the wall for something called the Periodic Table. What did it mean? There were lots of pictures of rocks, but it certainly didn't look like a comic book or Star Wars poster! It seemed too much like hard work.

Fast forward many years, and I'm now a professional illustrator specialising in character design, when I stumble upon the Periodic table again and suddenly it all makes sense to me. I could visualise the elements as personalities, exciting characters all separate yet related to each other. Eureka! My mission was to draw a character for every element, using facts about them, such as their place of discovery, colour or shape, to help to present them in a new and exciting way that would make people understand this incredible table of the elements. This in turn became our first book and led to the creation of the entire Basher Science Series that uses characters, facts, humour and fun to help make the abstract understandable and friendly.

We may not all grow up to be scientists but I've found that even very young students are excited about science. With nearly 2 MILLION books sold, our series has engaged and inspired a new generation. We aim to build confidence and spark curiosity in these incredible ideas and subjects. I hope you enjoy them.

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Simon Basher

Extreme Biology / Simon Basher / Kingfisher

Price: $7.99 / ISBN: 978-0753470503 / Published: March, 2013

Ages 10+ / Nonfiction Chapter Book

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