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Alexandra Bracken

Dear Reader:

BRIGHTLY WOVEN is the product of two different things. The first is simple enough: during my first two years at college, we had some pretty story-worthy weather. Nor'Easters, winds strong enough to shred umbrellas, tropical get the picture! Though storms do play a big role in the story, they aren't the main reason I sat down my sophomore year to begin writing.

BRIGHTLY WOVEN actually began as a birthday present for one of my best friends, who had stuck with me through the first tough years of being so far away from home. While the story is about Sydelle being chosen by the wizard North as his reward for ending a long drought in her village and the terrible war, duels, and curses they face, it's also very much a story of friendship and love.

I hope you'll be inspired to share BRIGHTLY WOVEN with your friends, too.

Alexandra Bracken

CONTEST: I would love to hear from you! Send me an email (acbracken(at) with your own crazy weather story to be entered to win a signed galley!

Brightly Woven / Alexandra Bracken / Egmont USA

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1606840382 / Published: March, 2010

Ages 12 & Up / Young Adult Fiction - Fantasy, Magic

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