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Jen Butenas

Dear Reader:

No matter what the world blows our way, it's refreshing to count on the calm of our family as our center. In the highly active culture we live in, it is sometimes hard to find a quiet moment. My book is about finding, cherishing and capturing those moments in our lives.

A MOMENT IN TIME is a sweet, confirming book about a family that discovers some of the best moments are the unplanned ones. Captured for all time with a camera, the family dances on the lawn, listens to music, snores in a rocking chair and feels the freedom to just be themselves. For the youngest reader, the bold, alluring illustrations draw the kids. They love to try to find the little red bird throughout the book. Written with a beat that gets the kids up and moving. The cadence irresistible to read aloud.

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Jen Butenas

Moonbeam Award winner.

"This adorable, colorful and energetic new book will get the kids moving to the beat of its rhymed couplets. The plot is simple: A family of four on a Cape Cod summer day discover that there's fun in the simplest of activities- Charlotte Cheng's illustrations are big and bright, while Jennifer Butenas' rhymes are perfect to read aloud." — Melanie Lauwers from The Cape Cod Times

A Moment In Time / Jen Butenas / Perfect Moment Publishing

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0984003907 / Published: November, 2012

Ages 3-10 / Picture Book

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